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January 2023





The Cedar Heritage Centre request that following documentation is filled out and returned to the Centre’s office administrator for our files as soon as possible. :


Please be advised that the Cedar Heritage Centre has a yearly membership fee and an administration fee that is illustrated on the rental agreement. 


The Centre would also like to remind each renter to be courteous of other renters and to do so, please ensure the following: 

  • Clean-up after room usage: 
  • Sweep floors  
  • Stack and put away chairs and tables.  
  • Kitchen area cleaned after use  
  • All lights including bathroom lights  turned off  

All renters are responsible for their instructors and class attendee’s actions. Please ensure you discuss expectation with them. 

An additional $30.00 cleaning fee will be applied to your invoice if the rental space is not cleaned after each usage. 


Please do not use other renters’ supplies in the cupboards/drawers. 


We thank you for your understanding and support; we hope that you will enjoy the use of Cedar Heritage Centre. 


If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact the Building Administrator at (250) 618-4124 or email us at 







Darlene Plaxton, Building Administrator 


Membership Rates 

Become a member of the Cedar Heritage Centre family, and get reduced rental rates every time you use the facility, as well as discounted rates at Heritage Centre sponsored events!  

Yearly Membership Fees:

Category Fee 

  • Family (applies to individual & immediate family)$20.00 
  • Non-profit Society / Club  $25.00 
  • Business (50 employees or less)  $50.00 
  • Corporate  $100.00  
  • Memberships are annual and renewable each September for the subsequent year.    

  • Memberships are non-transferable and rates are not portioned. 

  • All group memberships must supply a list of names of people who are authorized to use their membership. 

  • Any donations made to the Cedar School & Community Enhancement Society on behalf of the Cedar Heritage Centre that exceed $100, may request a free membership along with their donation. 

Rental Rates 

Rental Frequency                            Member Rate                                 Non-Member Rate 

Once /Week                                      $10 /hr                                                                  $15 /hr 
Occasional                                         $15 /hr                                                                  $20 /hr 
Full Day (up to 8 hrs)                         $75/day                                                              - $100 /day  

An administration fee will be applied to each separate booking of $15. 

For children’s Birthdays; ask for special ratesRentals will be taken on a first come - first serve basis. There are no restrictions on when the space is booked or for how long per event, unless there is more than one person wanting to reserve it. In the event that there is a discrepancy about the availability of a time-slot, then the following chart will act as a guideline to determine availability. The person who inquired first will have the option to rent the full time-slot or surrender it to the next person who is inquiring about it.  

All rentals must be booked through staff;  

Rental Agreement filled-in prior to occupancy. 

Rentals are a minimum of 1.5 hours  with 15 minutes allotted for set-up and 15 minutes clean-up. 


Rental Application 


Name of Applicant: (organization/individual): _____________________________________ 


  1. Contact Person : ___________________________________  Phone # : ________________________

Address: ______________________________________________ City: ___________________  Prov:  ____ 

Postal Code: _______________ Email:________________________________________________________ 

  1. Alternate Contact Person: ________________________________ Phone # ____________________

  1. Invoice  Name  : _________________________________________ Phone # ____________________ 

 Address:  ______________________________________________ City: ________________  Prov:  ___


Postal Code ______________ Email ________________________________________________ 

Date (s) required: __________________________________       Time (s): ________________________ 

Please Circle:  Weekly;  Bi weekly;  Monthly;  Occasional; Other (please specify)  

Current Member:  yes / no New Member:  yes / no  

Facilities requested:  Room A __________  Room B   ___________ 

Payment:  Facilities and Equipment:_____________________  Deposit:_________________ 







Membership Application Form 


 *Membership Type:  (please circle one)     Fee   


Family (individuals & immediate family) …………$ 20.00 

Non-Profit Society / Club…………………………..$ 25.00 

Business (25 employees or less)…………………….$ 50.00 

Corporate …………………………………………$ 100.00 




  Member’s Name:  _________________________________     Date : _________________ 


  Address: __________________________________________________________________ 


  City :  ___________________________________ Postal Code:______________________ 


  Phone : ______________________________ Email: ______________________________ 


  Family/ Group Member Names:  


  1. ___________________ 2) ___________________   3) ___________________ 

4) ___________________  5)____________________  6) ___________________ 



*Memberships are non-transferable are renewable annually on September 30  .  





In consideration of the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society  allowing us  to use, rent, occupy or otherwise enjoy premises owned, maintained, rented or occupied by the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society,  

I/WE                                                                                            hereby forever release, discharge, and forgive the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society, its directors, officers, employees, volunteers and agents from and against all claims, actions, accounts, liabilities or indemnities, arising out of any damage, accident, mishap, injury or loss as may occur during the conduct of or arising out of the activities of____________________________________(program) while using or occupying the premises operated by the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society. 


AND we hereby acknowledge and agree that in consideration of the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society allowing us  to carry on activities on its premises, that we will not seek contribution or indemnity from the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society or its directors, officers, employees, volunteers and agents with respect to any action brought against us concerning any loss, damage or injury alleged to have occurred, arising out of our use of the premises maintained and operated by the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society. 


I/WE also acknowledge and confirm that as a condition of our use of the premises maintained and operated by the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society, that I/we shall obtain, and maintain a policy of insurance, which, in the opinion of the Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society, provides adequate coverage for liability arising out of any accident, loss, damage or injury as may occur in connection with our use of the premises. 


 I/WE                                                                                                                          have signed this waiver of liability form having obtained, or having had the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice with regards to the operation and effect of this document. 


DATED at the Cedar Heritage Centre of Nanaimo, in the Province of British Columbia, this ______ day of __________________, 20_____. 




Printed Name: ______________________________________ 







January 2022 



Key Distribution for the Cedar Heritage Centre (CHC)  






You have been given ____ key(s) to allow access to the CHC facilities. Loss or damaged keys are to be reported immediately to Building Administrator.  A $25 fee per key may be charged to replace loss or damaged keys.  Do not copy, lend, or pass on the keys to anyone that is not authorized as a key holder.  Your key must be returned at the end of your rental agreement.  


Your key numbers is/are ___________________________. 


Please provide names and contact info for your key holders  

1.  ______________________________________________

2.   ______________________________________________

3.   ______________________________________________

4.   ______________________________________________

5.   ______________________________________________


Thank you for your patronage. 





Darlene Plaxton, Building Administrator 

 1644 MacMillan Rd Nanaimo, BC V9X 1L9 • Tel: (250) 722-2100 • Fax: (250) 722-2173 • Email: